Do you want to build Reliable Mobile Marketing Applications?

We can help in Managing your Database!

We offer MyPowerAccess, a Database Management Software and support Training, for building and managing your Mobile App Databases.

Why use MyPowerAccess?

Mobile Marketing Apps need specific Databases in order to perform. With MyPowerAccess, you create and control them in a secure and reliable process.

MyPowerAccess solution

MyPowerAccess will help you to:

Aggregate and adapt your legacy data to Mobile Applications Developments,

Populate these databases with mobiile data, and export them as spreadsheet (MS Excel or Google Sheets), Json and SQLite Formats.

Simulate mobile applications for the (non exclusive) following user-friendly user interfaces: 

.. PowerApps.. - Complete enterprise application management environment

.. AppsSheet.. - Mobile applications adapted to group environments

.. Glide Apps..  - Agile and efficient mobile applications

Synchronize Mobile databases with legacy data

MyPowerAccess Benefits are Immediate

Drastic Reduction in Mobile Marketing Applications Development Time

Generation of adapted Requests to Mobile Marketing Constraints

Mastered Data Synchronization between Mobile and existing Databases

  • ...


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Our Services

using MyPowerAccess Software and Support

Database Design Strategy

We adapt your Data to Mobile Marketing Apps

Mobile Queries Creation

These Queries will become the heart of your Mobile Data

Data Exchange Control

We Sync Mobile and Legacy Data

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